Completion of 3D seismic survey offshore Namibia

London (7th March 2017) Impact Oil and Gas (“Impact”), the African-focused exploration company is pleased to announce the completion of the proprietary Namibia ‘IOBNAM16’ 3D survey over block 2913b by Petroleum Geo-Services (“PGS”).

1880 km2 of 3D Geostreamer broadband seismic data were acquired in December to early January. Survey acquisition was completed safely with no injuries or lost time incidents. Processing of the data has now commenced with PGS with particular focus on the detailed imaging of the Aptian fan plays observed within the block.

 “Our flexible and nimble approach coupled with strong shareholder backing has allowed Impact to acquire this 3D survey, at a time when few other companies are investing in seismic.  This has enabled Impact to capitalise on the lowest seismic costs and acquire a significant area of 3D well in excess of the minimum work programme commitments for Block 2913B. The data will enable us to map the Aptian reservoir sands in detail and identify the most prospective location for drilling ”

Mike Doherty, Executive Chairman