Protecting the biological integrity of the environment in which we operate is integral to our way of working. We are committed to delivering value to the business in an environmentally responsible manner that promotes openness, transparency, accountability and collaboration with people and institutions who have a unique and comprehensive understanding of their local environment.

Environmental Impact Assessments are performed before any operations can take place. These are in line with national requirements and international best practise standards. The outcomes allows us to address the significant environmental aspects associated with our operations and effectively manage and mitigate them through the Environmental Management Programme (EMPr). The EMPr sets out the management measures for protection and is independently compiled from specialist input, stakeholder engagement, regulatory requirements and the outcomes of the assessment process.

Impact has implemented an Environmental and Social Management System in the organisation to track environmental and social project performance related to the EMPr, on-board HSE activities, waste management controls and comprehensive communication plans with fisheries and other sea users. We have a consistently high track record of environmental and social performance and continue to implement the correct levels of control as we plan for and execute operations.