Safety is our number one priority at Impact, where we are able to conduct our business activities and operations in a way that does not bring harm to our people or the environment in which we operate. Embedded as a core value in the culture of our organisation is that of safety awareness, where all individuals involved in company activities understand and share responsibilities related to safety practices.

This is achieved through the implementation of Impact’s HSE Management System, driven by international industry standards of safety and designed to ensure that all company activities are conducted in the absence of significant risk through continuous identification and control of hazards which may arise through any aspect of our business and operations.

The Impact HSE Management System is also designed to link with the HSE Management Systems of other companies and contractors. We recognise the importance of interfacing with partner and contractor systems in a way that provides a seamless structure for managing individual projects. Our system conforms to the seven element model recommended by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP).