Mike Doherty

Non-Executive Chairman

Mike is a qualified geophysicist and a proven oil finder with over 35 years’ industry experience in senior technical, commercial and management roles. He started his career in the seismic industry and was a co-founder of Merlin Geophysical Company limited in 1979.

In 1981 he became CEO of Merlin and organized the merger of Merlin and Seismic Profilers to form an integrated acquisition and processing company called Merlin Profilers. This integrated company was acquired by Schlumberger in 1986. Since then Mike has been CEO of a number of E&P companies with global operations.

He joined the publicly-listed Ardmore Petroleum as CEO and arranged the merger of Ardmore and Tuskar Resources PLC. He served as CEO of Tuskar for a number of years before leaving to become Chief Executive of Trans-Dominion Energy Corporation – a TSX listed company. Mike established Impact Oil & Gas Limited in 2009.

He has an MA in Physics from Trinity College Dublin and is a Fellow of the Geological Society.

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