Share Registrar

Impact Oil & Gas Limited has engaged with and is now supported by Equiniti David Venus Limited. SLC Registrars is a division within Equiniti David Venus Limited specialising in share registration. All enquiries relating to your holdings in Impact Oil & Gas Limited should now be directed to SLC, including:

Contact details are:
SLC Registrars
42-50 Hersham Road
KT12 1RZ
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)1903 706160

Online Shareview

One of the services available to you is an online portal (“Shareview”) through which you can:

Register for Shareview:
If you wish to take up this service, please go to the following link and, using the “Register now” link in the red box on the left of the page, follow the instructions to register for the service:

Access Shareview
Once you have registered for Shareview and received your password (this will come by post as a security measure) you will be able to access the system using the following URL:

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