Community Engagement

Impact has worked with many different stakeholders from various industries and organisations in developing and appraising prospective exploration areas. Below are some highlights of our efforts to date in stakeholder engagement and community upliftment.

South Africa
Impact has embarked on two separate engagement roadshows across the south and east of the country with community members, traditional leaders, fishing communities and research institutions. Engagements have allowed us to gain insight and input into the planning and development of projects. Likewise, meetings have allowed stakeholders to better understand the project and all the technical aspects involved. Impact has worked closely with governmental and conservation agencies in managing and protecting South Africa’s social and biological resources.

In 2014, Impact helped fund a 30 year old research programme on South Africa’s Southern Right whale population, headed by Dr Ken Findlay of the Marine Mammal Institute, University of Pretoria.

In our most recent seismic acquisition in Gabon, Impact worked with local experts from the ANPN, who have developed on international guidelines to account for unique marine habitats and those larger marine mammals traversing Gabonese waters. Prior to and during operations, Impact worked with tuna vessels operating offshore Gabon in an effort to prevent interaction of activities and account for tuna FAD gear in the survey area through satellite tracking.

Impact funded six Gabonese individuals to be trained through the Gabon Bleu Initiative as Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs). On commencement of the survey, two trainee MMOs were hired from a previous training programme to work on the B7 seismic survey. As with the other observers on board, trainees were paid good wages and received guidance and training from international lead MMOs.

Impact has recently completed its first round of engagement with stakeholders in Windhoek and Luderitz. Stakeholders included the Namibian Large Pelagic Fisheries Association and Ministry of Environment and Tourism, amongst others.

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